"Marketing your property in Ohio and Beyond"

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Why consider an Auction? 


  • Expose your property to a large number of buyers in an open market
  • Create urgency and excitement 
  • Sell at a predetermined time
  • Eliminate holding cost
  • Sell with no contingencies or warranties
  • No ceiling price has to be set
  • Convert your real estate to CASH!


Types of Auction


Absolute Auction - An auction of real or personal property shall be sold to the highest bidder without reserve, shall not require a minimum bid, shall not require competing bids of any type nor permit bidding by the seller or an agent of the seller and the property cannot be withdrawn from the auction after the auction is open and calling for bids. 


Reserve Auction - An auction in which the seller or sellers agent reserves the right to establish a minimum bid or the right to accept or reject any and all bids or to withdraw the real or personal property at any time prior to the completion of the Auction by the Auctioneer.  All Auctions are to be reserve unless it is explicitly stated otherwise.